Fermensch Kombucha is a small-batch, artisan kombucha brewery in Orange County, CA.

Culinary-inspired.  Our handcrafted kombucha tastes like no other kombucha you've had before. We go all in on flavor. No spice or herb is off limits. We love flavors that pop just as much as we appreciate balance. We look to food cultures and cuisines all over the world for inspiration. Thai, Mexican, Indian, Mediterraneanβ€”we dig it all. The emphasis is always on quality and taste. Because something so good for you should taste just as good!

Local / Seasonal / Organic.  Our passion for fresh, high-quality, seasonal produce is reflected in Southern Californian farmer's markets. Only the best-tasting organic fruits, veggies, and herbs are handpicked by our brewmaster to infuse our kombucha with flavor. By sourcing our ingredients from local, organic farms, we are able to supply some of the freshest and highest quality kombucha around.

Kombucha on tap!  Fermensch Kombucha is available exclusively on tap in local Southern Californian restaurants, bars, and coffee shops. Because of our unique kegging system, we are able to provide a refreshing kombucha that is perfectly bubbly for drinking on its own or mixing into cocktails and spritzers. Fresh, bubbly kombucha, right off the tap. What could be better?

Fermentation.  Fermentation is an ancient art that can enrich a humble cup of tea into a probiotic and nutritive powerhouse like kombucha. We care deeply about the fermentation process, so much so that we ferment our kombucha for a minimum of two weeks to allow for a greater amount of the organic cane sugar to be transformed into more probiotics, enzymes, and addictively tangy organic acids. Less sugar, more flavor. It's a win-win, really.


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