A small-batch kombucha brewery in Orange, Calif.

On tap at a location near you.


Kombucha on tap

Fermensch is a fresh, bubbly kombucha served exclusively on tap in Southern California restaurants, breweries, and coffee shops. Because of our unique kegging system, we can provide a refreshing and balanced kombucha that is perfectly bubbly for drinking on its own or mixing into cocktails and spritzers.

benefits of the booch


Local, Seasonal, Organic

Our passion for fresh, high-quality, seasonal produce is reflected in Southern Californian farmers markets. Only the tastiest fruits, veggies, and herbs are handpicked by our brewmaster to infuse our kombucha with flavor.

We care about organic! That's why we use Certified Organic teas, sugar, herbs, and spices. By sourcing our fresh ingredients from local, organic farms, we are able to supply some of the most delicious handcrafted kombucha around.

kombucha for your health

Fermentation & health

Fermentation is an ancient human art that can enrich a humble cup of tea into a probiotic and nutritive powerhouse like kombucha. We care deeply about the fermentation process and our heirloom culture of beneficial bacteria and yeast that does the real work of creating every keg of Fermensch Kombucha.

It's why we ferment our booch in the traditional method, allowing the organic cane sugar to be transformed into plenty of probioticsenzymesb-vitaminsand addictively tangy organic acids. It's why we say our booch is Yum For Your Tum!



Our handcrafted kombucha tastes like no other kombucha you've had before. We go all in on flavor – no spice or herb is off limits. We love flavors that pop just as much as we appreciate balance. We look to food cultures and cuisines all over the world for inspiration. Thai, Mexican, Indian, Mediterranean — we dig it all.

The emphasis is  on quality and tastebecause something so good for you should taste just as good!


Delicious, bubbly kombucha.

Poured fresh off the tap.


flavors On Tap

We keep up with the seasons. Here's what we're brewing right now.



Balanced, floral and juicy. Tart berry skin, with mild notes of cinnamon.

Petal to the metal! Steeped organic lavender and chamomile buds meet a pail of syrupy, ripe blueberries. Our most mild, approachable booch. With it's signature purple-pink hue, this kombucha is a real crowd pleaser.


Hoppy, citrusy, cidery, striking, and fragrant.

Organic Cascade hops grown in Washington State and organic bosc pears grown in San Diego county meld to make this West Coast IPA inspired booch. The use of Sencha green tea creates a light citrusy base for the hops to build upon into a poignant lemony-tart finish.





Tart, spicy, citrusy, and warming.

An all season kombucha with the added benefits of fresh-pressed ginger juice and hibiscus. Inspired by the Caribbean drink of the same name, this booch might be what dreams are made of.


Need some kombucha on tap, stat? These fine coffee chops, restaurants and juice bars are serving up Fermensch.



If you think serving kombucha on tap would be a great fit for your restaurant, coffee shop, brewery, or bar – you came to the right place.



fermensch kombucha kegs

Kombucha by the keg

We sell our premium kombucha by the keg directly to local businesses. We value quality, taste, and customer service above all else.

Never operated a keg before? No problem.

We provide assistance with all things keg and tap related. We understand the immediacy of a restaurant's needs. Just kicked that keg of booch and need a freshie stat? We've got your back.

For all you keg junkies out there – we use 1/6 BBL (5.16 gallon) stainless steel sankey kegs.




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